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1 - The Transmogrification of Eunice

A mysterious alien girl named Eunice has no memory and is being hunted by Sunder. While evading Sunder, Ben soon discovers that Eunice has nature-base

Season : 2 | Episode: 1

2 - Eye of the Beholder

Ben, Julie and the rest of the heroic crew embark on a dangerous journey that could cost them all their lives in an effort to achieve the safe return

Season : 2 | Episode: 2

3 - Viktor: The Spoils

In an ancient castle, in a scientific lab, an old hag tells her master, a prince, tells him to not unleash an ancient power they have taken. The hag t

Season : 2 | Episode: 3

4 - The Big Story

Jimmy Jones is looking for the biggest new story he and Ben can tackle, but thats when he stumbles upon a strange pink tentacled creature which crashe

Season : 2 | Episode: 4

5 - Girl Trouble

Gwen is excited by the prospect of her cousin Sunny paying the team a visit while dealing with the Robots of Dimension 12. But her excitement quickly

Season : 2 | Episode: 5

8 - Basic Training

Ben, Gwen, and Kevin are summoned to a Plumbers' Academy to go under training that is supervised by Magister Hulka.

Season : 2 | Episode: 8

9 - It’s Not Easy Being Gwen

Gwen has always been a multi-tasker, trying to juggle school, hobbies, friends and her work as a hero, waking up early and going to sleep late. But Gw

Season : 2 | Episode: 9

10 - Ben 10,000 Returns

Following a visit from Paradox after a fight with Eon, Ben 10,000 arrives 20 years from the future to seek the aid of his past counterpart in tracking

Season : 2 | Episode: 10

12 - Prisoner #775 is Missing

The secrets of Area 51 are revealed to Ben Tennyson by Colonel Rosum after Old George infiltrates Area 51. (ChamAilen and Ultimate Wildmutt first appe

Season : 2 | Episode: 12

13 - The Purge

With the help of The Forever Knights, Old George starts a war against all aliens on Earth.

Season : 2 | Episode: 13

24 - Inspector #13

A mysterious weapon master from Techadon visits Earth and wants the Ultimatrix.

Season : 2 | Episode: 24

29 - Night of the Living Nightmare

Albedo attempts to get even with Ben, by trapping him in a dream version of Bellwood, and dispatching an assortment of villains, as well as versions o

Season : 2 | Episode: 29

31 - The Ultimate Enemy Part 1

Ben, Gwen, Kevin, and George trash Diagon's City while battling a reborn, Lucubra-morphed, power hungry Vilgax. Diagon is released and plans to become

Season : 2 | Episode: 31

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