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1 - Pilot

A "closer" for one of New York City's most successful law firms decides to hire an aloof genius who has passed the bar but never went to law school as

Season : 1 | Episode: 1

2 - Errors and Omissions

Mike has an ethical dilemma when Louis forces him to make a decision that could hurt his relationship with Harvey. Elsewhere, Harvey's past comes back

Season : 1 | Episode: 2

3 - Inside Track

Jessica hopes Harvey's promotion will reign him in, but when a crisis arises with the first client he brought into the firm, Harvey goes rogue trying

Season : 1 | Episode: 3

4 - Dirty Little Secrets

Harvey and Jessica's relationship is tested when Harvey defends someone from her past. Also, Louis assigns Mike his first solo case, a pro bono that h

Season : 1 | Episode: 4

5 - Bail Out

Mike's life becomes complicated when an old friend reappears and needs his help. Harvey must decide between closing a multi-million dollar deal and he

Season : 1 | Episode: 5

6 - Tricks of the Trade

Harvey and Mike work to save a woman wrongly accused of insider trading. Mike helps Rachel study for the LSAT, only to find out she is on the brink of

Season : 1 | Episode: 6

7 - Play the Man

Mike takes on Louis' protégé during a mock trial, but his conflict with Rachel could hurt his chances of winning. Elsewhere, Harvey works on a merge

Season : 1 | Episode: 7

8 - Identity Crisis

Mike is tasked with reigning in a modern day Robin Hood whose illicit deeds are putting a client's business at risk. Also, Louis must resolve his diff

Season : 1 | Episode: 8

9 - Undefeated

Harvey meets his match in a cocky opposing counsel in a class action lawsuit, and Mike unknowingly helps frame Rachel as a traitor to the firm.

Season : 1 | Episode: 9

10 - Shelf Life

Harvey must fire an accountant for falsifying his credentials, but Mike finds a more sinister motive for his termination and becomes concerned about h

Season : 1 | Episode: 10

11 - Rules of the Game

Harvey's former mentor turns to him for help when his office comes under investigation. Meanwhile, Jenny suspects Mike may be occupied with more than

Season : 1 | Episode: 11

1 - She Knows

Mike is trusted to close a major lawsuit. Harvey must decide whether or not to defend Mike and his secret.

Season : 2 | Episode: 1

2 - The Choice

Mike confronts Rachel while Jessica approaches Harvey looking for support for Hardman's return.

Season : 2 | Episode: 2

3 - Meet the New Boss

Mike has to handle complications and finds himself caught in the middle of the battle between Harvey and Daniel, and Louis meets his match.

Season : 2 | Episode: 3

4 - Discovery

When Travis makes a return causing trouble Jessica and Harvey must work to hide it from Daniel. Meanwhile, Louis and Mike grow closer but Louis' paran

Season : 2 | Episode: 4

5 - Break Point

When Jessica decides to put him in second chair on a lawsuit which could potentially make or break the firm, Harvey feels undermined. However, his 'ba

Season : 2 | Episode: 5

6 - All In

Harvey's personal history with a client forces he and Mike to take on an unorthodox case from which they'd normally walk away. Also, Louis and Rachel

Season : 2 | Episode: 6

7 - Sucker Punch

Harvey turns to a former colleague for help in proving the firm's case.

Season : 2 | Episode: 7

8 - Rewind

Mike and Harvey reflect on how their past decisions have impacted their situation.

Season : 2 | Episode: 8

9 - Asterisk

Harvey must close the person with the deciding vote in the firm's future.

Season : 2 | Episode: 9

10 - High Noon

Harvey needs Mike's help as the battle for control of Pearson Hardman reaches its climax. But Mike drops off the grid following a dramatic turn in his

Season : 2 | Episode: 10

11 - Blind-Sided

Harvey and Mike take on a criminal suit that hits close to home for Mike, who struggles to separate his personal feelings from the facts of the case.

Season : 2 | Episode: 11

12 - Blood in the Water

The war with Daniel may be over, but the battle has left Pearson Hardman vulnerable, and Harvey must protect the firm from a rival whose attack seems

Season : 2 | Episode: 12

13 - Zane vs. Zane

Harvey goes head to head against Robert Zane, Rachel’s father, on a gender discrimination case that forces Rachel to confront her complicated relati

Season : 2 | Episode: 13

14 - He's back

With the resources of the firm stretched to the limit, Daniel Hardman returns with an outrageous lawsuit against Jessica.

Season : 2 | Episode: 14

15 - Normandy

Dana “Scottie” Scott returns to complicate Harvey and Jessica's battle against Hardman. But this time, she's brought the full force of her British

Season : 2 | Episode: 15

16 - War

Harvey’s vision for the firm’s future clashes with Jessica’s when a British firm offers a tempting proposition.

Season : 2 | Episode: 16

1 - The Arrangement

Jessica's new partnership is tested; Harvey must prove a high-profile client's innocence; Mike tries to manage the fallout from his revelation.

Season : 3 | Episode: 1

2 - I Want You to Want Me

Louis offers Mike a future-changing case; Harvey and Jessica work together to bring down an old nemesis.

Season : 3 | Episode: 2

3 - Unfinished Business

Cameron has Harvey's client arrested for murder; Katrina tries to win over Louis; a British version of Harvey arrives at the firm.

Season : 3 | Episode: 3

4 - Conflict of Interest

Harvey’s defense of Ava hits a roadblock when the interests of her murder trial are at odds with Louis’ work to thwart a hostile takeover of Hessi

Season : 3 | Episode: 4

5 - Shadow of a Doubt

Lines between the personal and the professional get blurred when Harvey and Stephen work together on Ava's case, and Mike invites Rachel to join him o

Season : 3 | Episode: 5

6 - The Other Time

Cameron continues to use dodgy tactics on Ava's case; Rachel visits law schools; Mike reflects on the past.

Season : 3 | Episode: 6

7 - She's Mine

Harvey and Stephen clash over Ava's case; Harvey and Jessica strategize; Louis gets Rachel's help with a broken contract.

Season : 3 | Episode: 7

8 - Endgame

As Ava Hessington’s murder trial begins, Harvey, Mike and Jessica fight off betrayal from both inside the firm and out. Meanwhile, Louis and Donna s

Season : 3 | Episode: 8

9 - Bad Faith

An old nemesis returns; Harvey and Scottie are on opposing sides again; Louis ends up in Sheila's crosshairs; Mike and Rachel are under Jessica's scru

Season : 3 | Episode: 9

10 - Stay

Trust issues are brought to the forefront; Harvey and Scottie battle again; Louis wants to handle the dissolution talks; Mike wants to move forward in

Season : 3 | Episode: 10

11 - Buried Secrets

Things get complicated when Harvey mixes business with pleasure and gets caught between Jessica and Scottie. Painful memories plague Mike as he uses a

Season : 3 | Episode: 11

12 - Yesterday's Gone

Both Mike and Jessica lean on Harvey for support when things from their respective pasts throw them off their game.

Season : 3 | Episode: 12

13 - Moot Point

Harvey faces an old rival from law school; Jessica tries to stay out of Louis and Scottie's feud.

Season : 3 | Episode: 13

14 - Heartburn

A major client demands that Harvey and Mike perform an unpleasant task; Louis faces a difficult challenge; Laura collects an old debt.

Season : 3 | Episode: 14

15 - Know When to Fold 'Em

A persistent attorney goes after one of Harvey's clients; Mike is faced with a difficult decision; former name partner Charles Van Dyke returns with r

Season : 3 | Episode: 15

16 - No Way Out

Things are anything but business as usual when Harvey and Mike find themselves at odds with a tenacious U.S. Attorney. Scottie and Harvey can’t seem

Season : 3 | Episode: 16

1 - One-Two-Three Go...

Mike and Harvey adjust to their new paradigm. As they butt heads over strategy in Mike’s first foray into investment banking, their new attorney-cli

Season : 4 | Episode: 1

2 - Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Harvey and Mike find themselves on opposite sides of a takeover battle that threatens to turn into a knockdown, drag-out fight – a fight complicated

Season : 4 | Episode: 2

3 - Two in the Knees

Pearson Specter’s client, Logan Sanders, pushes Harvey to prove his relationship with Mike won’t hinder him from doing what it takes to win their

Season : 4 | Episode: 3

4 - Leveraged

Having lost his partner on the inside, Mike moves to a hostile takeover of Gillis Industries. On the other side, Harvey and Louis pull out all the sto

Season : 4 | Episode: 4

5 - Pound of Flesh

Rachel becomes increasingly anxious about work, school, and the growing attraction between herself and Pearson Specter client Logan Sanders. Meanwhile

Season : 4 | Episode: 5

7 - We're Done

Rachel brings disturbing news while Mike is still reeling from the aftermath of the battle for Gillis Industries. Feeling Harvey is his only friend le

Season : 4 | Episode: 7

8 - Exposure

Mike and Rachel work closely with one another while Jessica and Harvey try to outmaneuver Sean Cahill. Meanwhile, Louis tries to hide evidence for the

Season : 4 | Episode: 8

9 - Gone

Sean begins a round of depositions for the SEC investigation, endangering the employees at Pearson Specter.

Season : 4 | Episode: 9

10 - This Is Rome

Harvey and Jessica take measures to protect the firm; Louis tries to get his affairs in order.

Season : 4 | Episode: 10

11 - Enough Is Enough

Louis is gaining leverage in his quest to become a name partner of the firm and the Pearson Specter team is dealing with the fallout of Louis learning

Season : 4 | Episode: 11

12 - Respect

Harvard ethics professor Henry Gerard seeks Harvey's help with a case that requires a lack of ethics to win. Mike, meanwhile, does his best to not be

Season : 4 | Episode: 12

13 - Fork in the Road

Harvey and Louis take a drive to aid an out-­-of-­-town client to whom they both have deep ties; and Harvey uses the opportunity to force a confront

Season : 4 | Episode: 13

14 - Derailed

Mike takes on a humanitarian case that could potentially harm firm business.

Season : 4 | Episode: 14

15 - Intent

Evan Smiths offers new evidence that nullifies the firm's victory against Liberty Rail. Harvey and Mike scramble to save the Liberty Rail case; D.A. W

Season : 4 | Episode: 15

16 - Not Just a Pretty Face

Cahill needs help from Harvey in order to make his case against Woodall and Forstman; Rachel and Mike deal with their different relationships with Har

Season : 4 | Episode: 16

1 - Denial

Mike and Rachel's engagement is put on the back burner as Donna leaves Harvey to work for Louis. Harvey is in denial and is confident she will return,

Season : 5 | Episode: 1

2 - Compensation

Jessica thinks that Harvey is putting out his "Donna anger" on Louis, as an ambitious senior partner tries to take on Harvey's salary. Rachel's dad in

Season : 5 | Episode: 2

3 - No Refills

Harvey uses some star power in his conflict with Jack. Robert Zane to co-counsel is brought in by Mike.

Season : 5 | Episode: 3

4 - No Puedo Hacerlo

Harvey steps outside his usual area of expertise, in order to take a case from a client who has a special tie to the firm. Mike and Zane work their cl

Season : 5 | Episode: 4

5 - Toe to Toe

Harvey faces old rival Travis Tanner, who claims to be a changed man, in a case. Harvey's sessions with Agard reveal the influence his past has on his

Season : 5 | Episode: 5

6 - Privilege

Harvey reels from Dr. Agard's revelation about the root of his panic attacks and has to make a tough decision in a case that touches a nerve. Mike and

Season : 5 | Episode: 6

7 - Hitting Home

Mike teams with Jack Soloff on a case. Esther Litt returns to P.S.L. in hopes of discreetly solving a problem. Donna and Harvey try to return their fr

Season : 5 | Episode: 7

8 - Mea Culpa

Jessica does damage control in the wake of Harvey punching Louis, just as Jack Soloff and Daniel Hardman are looking for weaknesses to exploit. Meanwh

Season : 5 | Episode: 8

9 - Uninvited Guests

Rachel and her mother, Laura Zane, plan for Rachel's dream wedding, but Rachel fears the event may reveal Mike's secret. Meanwhile Daniel Hardman and

Season : 5 | Episode: 9

10 - Faith

Jessica and Louis attempt to rally the partners to prevent the takeover attempt by Hardman and Soloff. Mike and Harvey both have to deal with demons f

Season : 5 | Episode: 10

1 - To Trouble

Mike transitions to prison life while Harvey, Jessica, Louis, Donna and Rachel deal with the fallout of Mike’s plea deal and try to prevent what’s

Season : 6 | Episode: 1

2 - Accounts Payable

Louis, Jessica and Harvey fend off a class action lawsuit from PSL’s former clients. Meanwhile, Mike runs afoul of a fellow prisoner due to reasons

Season : 6 | Episode: 2

3 - Back on the Map

Mike tries to stay safe without violating Danbury’s unwritten rules. Jessica and Harvey try to land a whale. Louis searches for an office tenant. Ra

Season : 6 | Episode: 3

4 - Turn

Mike considers a deal that could reduce his sentence. Jessica and Louis take different approaches to deal with tenants. Rachel represents a death row

Season : 6 | Episode: 4

5 - Trust

Mike tries to gain Kevin's trust. Harvey enacts a risky plan. Jessica tries to mend the firm's reputation. Rachel hits a roadblock. Louis enlists Donn

Season : 6 | Episode: 5

6 - Spain

Harvey defends Sutter from Cahill. Mike's past threatens to derail his mission. Rachel and Jessica seek evidence to re-open a case. Louis woos Tara.

Season : 6 | Episode: 6

7 - Shake the Trees

Harvey, Louis and Donna search for a missing link to Sutter's inside trading. Mike takes measures to get Kevin on his side. Rachel and Jessica deliver

Season : 6 | Episode: 7

8 - Borrowed Time

Harvey counters Cahill's star witness. Mike tries to deliver a witness himself. Jessica and Rachel try to delay Leonard's execution. Louis adjusts to

Season : 6 | Episode: 8

9 - The Hand That Feeds You

In order to protect Mike, Harvey considers putting Gallo back on the streets. Jessica and Rachel get Bailey's case re-opened. Louis deals with anxiety

Season : 6 | Episode: 9

10 - P.S.L.

Jessica and Rachel fight to save Leonard Bailey. Harvey and Louis try to keep clients from abandoning ship by wooing their oldest client.

Season : 6 | Episode: 10

11 - She's Gone

Harvey, Louis and Donna plan for a future without Jessica; Mike adjusts to life as an ex-convict; Rachel considers her options.

Season : 6 | Episode: 11

12 - The Painting

Harvey tries to repair a broken relationship - leaving Louis, Donna and Rachel to manage PSL in his absence. Meanwhile, Mike gets a helping hand from

Season : 6 | Episode: 12

13 - Teeth, Nose, Teeth

Rachel receives a letter that creates an unexpected issue for Harvey and Louis. Mike's mentorship of Oliver and Marissa gets put to the test. And Donn

Season : 6 | Episode: 13

14 - Admission of Guilt

Harvey and Mike walk a fine line when they partner on a class action. Louis needs Rachel's help impressing a client during an annual presentation. Don

Season : 6 | Episode: 14

15 - Quid Pro Quo

When Mike's class action hits a snag, it might cost him more than the case; Harvey, Louis and Rachel consider getting their hands dirty; and Donna and

Season : 6 | Episode: 15

16 - Character and Fitness

Mike needs Harvey and Rachel's help to overcome an impossible obstacle, or his dream of becoming a real lawyer is over. Donna's new venture hits a sna

Season : 6 | Episode: 16

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